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NYTimes Art
NYTimes Art

NYTimes Art and design

Learn the art of storytelling through photography: gain the abilities to translate expertise into images that categorical an inventive and narrative perspective in a very study of fourth estate each as a sensible and an aesthetic venture.

Explore journalism through the art, technique and storytelling of photography. Students can develop a visible vocabulary through the study of vital photographers and photojournalists and can examine the intersection of art and journalism as they expand their schoolroom out into the native neighborhood and therefore the town. Ultimately, students can ask for to translate what they see and feel — whether or not employing a skilled DSLR or a smartphone camera — into images that categorical an inventive and narrative perspective.

Outcomes for this course embrace a deeper understanding of what makes pictures visually, artistically and traditionally important. in addition, students will expect to achieve technical photography acquirement, participate in various field exercises and explore strategies, ethics, and opportunities for storytelling and journalism through images.

Technical ability isn’t a category necessity. Instructors can accommodate students with a large vary of experience, from those with a budding talent to those of a lot of practiced levels of proficiency.

Site Visits:

Day visits can vary supported the instructors and terms. Previous courses have visited:

Museum of town of latest royalty
International Center of Photography
New York town neighborhoods and painting locales
The big apple Times newsroom and/or press.
Guest Speakers and Lecturers:

Speakers and lecturers can vary with the instructors and terms. Previous speakers have included:

Elijah Walker, exposure Editor, National Geographic
David Gonzalez, journalist and Co-editor, Lens Blog, The big apple Times
Lucas Jackson, workers lensman, Reuters
The big apple Times exposurejournalists and photo editors
Museum curators

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